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Self-identity – who am I?

Who I am? Where I go? What kind of person will I be in the end?” These are questions about one's own identity. Genealogy...

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Personal Life Goals for Growth

Change is said to be the only one that does not change in life. Who he was five years ago is not who he...

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Why Anxiety? Make It All Well

Indeed, good and bad are in the eyes of the beholder, which is bound to work in any situation. The worst or worst way...

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Ireland – HPRA issues a warning over “self-tanning aids’ severe health danger”

  The unapproved drug "Melanotan 2," which is being offered online and on social media as a "self-tanning aid," has "severe health hazards" linked with...

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Nigeria 2023 Election – Check out Tinubu’s possible running mate

  Choosing a running companion for Bola Tinubu presents a significant challenge for the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC). Numerous media sites have speculated on a...

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